Spotify: Wrapped '22

In collaboration with the in-house team at Spotify and, I’m excited to have been part 
of the Hellohornet team that developed the motion system for Spotify '22 Wrapped.
Spotify collaborated with Hornet and their animation production
partner, Vucko, to develop the motion toolkit for 2022 Wrapped. 
Once the toolkit was developed, Hornet + Vucko produced 
animated assets for the Wrapped consumer + Creator
campaigns for social, ooh, ctv and olv placements.
Hornet Director: Vucko Studio
Client: Spotify
Executive Producer: Cathy Kwan
Sr. Producer: Justine Webster
Producer: Nico Benenati
Senior Editor: Anita Chao
Editors: Minseok Kim, Matthew Sandager, Eren Gülfidan, Cole Bannick
Production Coordinator: Ryann Rezza
Motion Creative Director: Itay Tevel
Motion Lead: Felipe Posada
Motion Designers: Cynthia Larenas, Larisa Martin, Érico Santana, Fede Cook, Alma Kim, Jeejung G Kim,
Amália M. G. Lage, Joash Berkeley, Vanessa Appleby
Motion Interns: Kent Ortiz, Alie Wu
Toolkit Senior Producer: Justine Webster
Toolkit Associate Producer: Heather Hardin
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